Swedish Drone Cup

Last weekend the first race of the Swedish Drone Cup took place. I didn’t have anything to fly so I helped out with the event instead. Sadly the sun didn’t want to join and while battling rain and wind gusts we anyway managed to pull through a great race day.


32 pilots were registered for the race. Some couldn’t make it but 27 made it to the starting line. The anticipation was high while the pilots got ready for the first round of five. Since SDC is a race for best time consistency was key. In order to make it to the top each pilot needed to pass the finish line in at least three heats. The penalty for not finishing a race is huge.

Some footage from the races. Ends with Daniel’s fastest heat of the day.

Jakob Lantz and Anders Lindström battling out in heat #3

We got to see many great battles, quite a few crashes (but no real carnage 😉 ) and some top notch flying. All in all a great race day! At the end of the day Daniel Tengvall managed to out-fly his competitors in the open class and Johan Lindholm placed first in the sportsman class.

Daniel wasn’t just flying, he was also in charge of the whole event. Next time though he can relax and focus on his flying while the rest of us chase him around the race course.

Results – SDC 2016 round 1
Open Sportsman
Daniel Tengvall Johan Lindblom
Anders Nilsson Jonas Åberg
Anders Lindström Fredrik Holmberg

The next round will be held in Löddeköpinge on May 7.

Read more about the Swedish Drone Cup on http://dronecup.se/.

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