According to my grandmother at the age of three I pointed to a computer and said I’m gonna work with those. That was in 1972. Apparently I had a good sense about how my future would come to unfold back then. With time sadly my sensory skills of the sixth kind have somewhat diminished.

VIC-20 emulated in VICE

It took about ten years before I got my first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, which I still have. Although it’s been collecting dust in the basement for quite a long while now. Nowadays you can fulfill your retro needs with the VICE emulator, a C64/C128/VIC20/PET emulator. When I hit ninth grade we got 5! IBM PC’s at my school of which one had a whopping 512 k RAM though I have to admit I wasn’t much into coding back then. We mostly used them for math classes.

Fast forward to today

I work as a tech consultant for Valtech in Stockholm, mostly on the .NET stack. Apart from working with code I enjoy playing around with it for fun. I tinker with IoT, gadgets, 3D printing and such. I also fly multicopters and restore/play arcade games (more about them here).

Nerdy facts about Håkan

  • I have a 4 digit MCP ID
  • I own an original MS Windows 1.0 licence. Boxed and all.
  • My youngest daughter is named after her favorite movie; Coraline

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  1. Hi dear
    nice blog !
    I’m going to build a PLEN and I think you was working on that too.
    I assumed you used MG90S servo.
    I will appreciate your reply !

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