3D printing – but not hasslefree

It’s been awhile since I finished the Prusa i3 printer and ever since I’ve been struggling with getting consistent prints 🙁 Small prints usually works out well, but when it comes to larger parts, for instance replacement parts for the printer it doesn’t deliver.

MEndel Prusa i3

Last night I tried printing new X axis ends. The idler came out ok, at least sort of, but the motor end fails on the first layer. The list of issues is long:

  • slight warp
  • extracted filament lines don’t connect
  • drop effect on some layers
  • tight corners becomes rounded
  • overhangs fall apart
  • the nozzle hits previous layer when bridging

This is the result of the print from yesterday.

Printed with Repetier and slices with Slic3r. 0.5 mm nozzle, 0.3 mm layer height. 3.0 mm PLA, extruder temp: 185°C, bed temp: 60°C (first layer: 190°C/65°C). I’ve uploaded the gcode to Dropbox if you’d like to take a look.

Got a lot of questions right now…